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The concept of equal energy the noise dose

The risk of injury is a combination of the A-weighted sound level and the time spent in it. For example, fifteen minutes at a 100 dB(A) sound level has the same effect as 8 hours at 85 dB(A). This i determined by using the so-called equal energy principle.

Energy equals intensity times time. If the sound level increases by 3 dB, the intensity doubles for example, if you have one machine in a workplace, and place another one in the same facility the noise level will raise by 3 dB. This method is described in the International standard ISO 1999:1990.

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Magnus Johansson, Peltor AB


  How does sound occur
  The auditory system 
  The outer ear 
  The middle ear
  The inner ear
  Exposure to noise 
  Hearing impairment
  The concept of equal energy
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