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The frequency range of the human hearing is about 20 to 20 000 Hz. However, most people do not hear frequencies up to 20 000 Hz due to the natural aging of hearing or due to for example noise exposure.  The most important frequency range for speech perception is limited to about 125 to 8000 Hz.

The dynamics of the hearing covers the range from about 0 dB to about 140 dB. This dynamic range is dependent on the frequency and largest around 4 000 Hz. The frequency range for speech is also the range where the dynamics of the hearing is the best.

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Magnus Johansson, Peltor AB


  How does sound occur
  The auditory system 
  The outer ear 
  The middle ear
  The inner ear
  Exposure to noise 
  Hearing impairment
  The concept of equal energy
  How to measure noise levels
  Choose right hearing protection
  Do not over attenuate
  Noise regulations