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3Mô Peltorô Flex Headset

Product code Description

Attenuation Ratings:  MT53H79A-77 ; MT53H79P3E-77

* A standard chassis jack for connecting Flex cords (FL6U-**) for various types of communication equipment Ė com. radio, mobile or DECT.

* High attenuating cups with optimised acoustic design and excellent space for the ears for best possible sound quality and comfort.

* Quick Positioning integrated microphone boom for easy handling.

* Soft, wide foam and fluid-filled sealing rings and individually sprung headband wires of stainless sprung steel provide an even and consistent distribution of pressure around the ears for best possible comfort.

* PTT button on the cup.

Prod code: MT53H79A-77
Attachment(s):  A, B, P3E
Audio Input:  -
Colour(s):  Black
PTT on cup:  Yes
Battery lifetime(h):  -

User Instruction
Technical Datasheet

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