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3Mô Peltorô Aviation 8103

Attenuation Ratings:  MT52H79F-03

3M id. XH001660964

* The Aviation 8103 helicopter headset has an ambient-noise compensated dynamic differential microphone, specially designed for aviation intercom systems

* The microphone amplifier is designed for intercom systems with 5 Ohm impedance

* The frequency range is adjusted for good speech recognition

* The earphones have a limited frequency range, to give the best possible speech recognition in the ambient noise of a helicopter

* Peltorís two-point suspension of the shells on a broad headband ensures total comfort and consistent noise attenuation

* The spiral polyurethane cable has a moulded NATO-standard connector equivalent to the Nexus TP-120.

Prod code: MT52H79F-03
Attachment(s):  F
Audio Input:  -
Colour(s):  Black
PTT on cup:  -
Connector:  -
Battery lifetime(h):  -

Segment Brochure
User Instruction

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