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3Mô Peltorô LiteCom Basic (discontinued)

* PMR 446 MHz

* 38 subchannels allow several users to communicate individually using the same channel

* An electronic voice tells you what settings you are adjusting, so you do not have to take off the headset to check

* Unused, the set automatically switches off after two hours to save the batteries

* An auxiliary input also lets you connect a cellular phone or external com radio, regardless of the frequency

* For safety reasons, the external system has signal priority

* You can also connect a CD player or FM radio and listen to news and music

Prod code:  MT53H7*4400
Attachment(s):  A, P3E, B
Colour(s):  D.Blue
PTT on cup: 
Weight:  A: 418, B: 403, P3E: 438

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