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3Mô Peltorô LiteCom (New!)

Attenuation Ratings:  MT53H7A4400-EU ; MT53H7B4400-EU ; MT53H7P3E4400-EU

* Radio frequency: PMR 446 MHz

* Protects your hearing (SNR 32-33)

* Headset designed for tough environments

* Easy communication without disturbing cord.

* 8 channels and 38 subchannels allows you to communicate individually using the same channels.

* Easy transmitting when speaking into the noise cancelling microphone

* Voice-guided menu system

* Transmitting up to 3.000 meters line of sight

* Battery status when turning on

* Rechargeable battery pack available

* Makes you feel safe, always connected to your colleagues

Action movie:

User instruction movie:

Prod code: MT53H7*4400-EU
Attachment(s):  Headband, Helmet att., Neckband
Colour(s):  Dark blue
PTT on cup:  Yes
Weight:  Headband:394 g, Helmet att.:418 g, Neckband:384 g

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