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FAQ - 3M™ Peltor™ DECT-Com II Base/Portable

Q:  Are DECT-Com II products possible to use with other DECT systems?

A:  No, the extended functions in the system makes it unique.

Q:  How do I add another portable unit to work with a base unit?

A:  1. If the system is designed without software programming, the base unit should be opened for subscription (Subscription On). (See parts 2.3.4 LOG ON A PORTABLE UNIT TO A BASE or 2.3.5 LOG ON A NEW PORTABLE UNIT TO A BASE in the instruction manual on the WEB page 2. If the system is designed with software programming, contact your Authorised Peltor DECT-Com II Dealer for assistance!

Q:  How do I use the PTT3 with external equipment connected to a main unit?

A:  A Long press, as with an ordinary radio PTT, for a communication radio or a double press to answer a telephone call and a short press to finish the call. Notice: A double press with a radio connected will lock in transmission mode until a single press is done.

Q:  Why do I get interference in my system, even in a smaller area where the units are in line of sight?

A:  A reason can be that there are too many DECT units in the same area. Notice: Also other DECT systems may use the same frequencies!

Q:  Why do I have no sound from the main unit to my headset?

A:  Maybe the headset connector is not properly fitted in the jack? Push the connector firmly down in the jack while twisting it slightly to get a correct connection!

Q:  Why does the microphone not work properly, as it used to do?

A:  The microphone setting may have been changed. Press MODE button and step to MICROPHONE. Then select the correct microphone type with [+] and [–] buttons.








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