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The new LiteCom Series


3M™ Peltor™ LiteCom                                                                          
Press release
New LiteCom products from 3M Peltor
Safe noise reduction,
effective communication
Don’t let noise and harmful sound get in the way of communication with your team. The new LiteCom headsets protect your hearing and let you work more effectively at the same time. Now upgraded with better microphones, more channels, longer battery life, smarter electronics and clearer, more intuitive controls. LiteCom products open up great opportunities for communicating while your hands are otherwise occupied. Just ask the operators at Stora Enso.
Family of three
There are three models in the LiteCom series of multiple-frequency headsets: LiteCom, LiteCom Plus and WS™ LiteCom. A built-in two-way radio is common to all of them. With up to 69 different channels and 121 subchannels, LiteCom lets you communicate with many teams in parallel, at distances of up to 3,000 meters. The smart technology is impressive in use. The microphone picks up your voice as soon as you speak, but filters out harmful noise. And the two-way radio lets you hear other team members clearly as soon as they start to talk.
There are several additional features depending on which model you choose.
Benefits for Stora Enso
“These headsets are worth their weight in gold, as you avoid all the hassle of cords that get tangled up”, says Janne Wahlström, an operator at Stora Enso.
“We used to have two-way radios that were always slipping out of our pockets. These are a real godsend, we’re very pleased with them”, adds Janne, who uses LiteCom products every day at work.
Stay connected
You can connect a range of external devices, such as a cell phone via Bluetooth. This lets you stay connected with the outside world, while the headset handles all communication. So there is no need for you to put down tools or remove the headset and risk damage to your hearing.
Be aware of hazards around you
LiteCom Plus and WS™ LiteCom use smart electronics to filter ambient sounds. This means you can still hear alarm signals, unexpected sounds and calls for help, but harmful noise is always blocked out. So you can safely detect and avoid hazards.
 Peltor is a brand of 3M Company, founded in 1902 in USA. With $30 billion in sales 3M employs 84 000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries.

Find out more about the performance and features of the LiteCom series at, or by calling Charlotta Hellström, Global Product Manager at 3M Peltor in Värnamo, on +46 (0)370-69 42 84 or +46 (0)708-950800.

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