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New 3M™Peltor™ LiteCom Pro II, IS version
Programmable wireless communication headset
Peltor LiteCom Pro II is a communication headset with high attenuation hearing protection and short range built-in communication radio. The communication radio is designed for either stand alone or integration into industrial or other professional communication systems.
All settings are controlled by three conveniently placed buttons on the right hand side ear cup. When the headset is switched off, the most recent settings are memorised.
LiteCom Pro II is equipped with ambient-noise compensated dynamic boom microphone that also have VOX (voice operated transmit) that enables the user to work with both hands free while maintaining radio contact. For extreme noise environments or for user preference there is a PTT (push to talk) button conveniently placed at the base of the ear cup. It is also possible to connect an extension PTT with a larger push button that is easier to operate while wearing thick gloves for example.
The LiteCom Pro II headset not only protects the hearing but also enables the user to hear important surrounding sounds, like warning signals or calls of distress. Two microphones at the front of the headset capture external sounds which are reproduced by the earphone speakers in stereo. The sound level is limited to 82 dB which makes it possible to use the headset safely throughout the working day.
Programmable radio
Up to 30 radio channels can be programmed within the frequency range 403-470 MHz. Sub-channels are available by either digitally (DCS) or by tone (CTCSS), which makes it possible for several users to utilize the same radio channel without being interfered by other users.
With maximum output the radio has a range of up to 3 km outdoors, depending upon terrain.  Metal or concrete structures reduce the range considerably. The operation time is up to 18 hours on one charge depending on use.
IECEx and ATEX approved
Peltor LiteCom Pro II has been tested and validated as hearing protector according to the EU directive of personal protective equipment (PPE) 89/686/EEG and applicable parts of European standards. LiteCom Pro II has also been approved for usage in almost all explosive environments with IECEx and ATEX standard such as underground coal mine “M1”
I M1 Ex ia I Ma
II 1G Ex ia IIC T4 -20°C ≤ Ta ≤ +50°C Ga
II 1D Ex ia IIIC T130°C Da
Peltor is a brand of 3M Company, founded in 1902 in USA. With $30 billion in sales 3M employs 84 000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries.
For more information please contact Fredrik Johansson, Product Manager at Peltor Communication,, phone +46 370 656595, or call Customer service at your local 3M office.



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