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New Wireless Ground Mechanic Solutions

3M Peltor has provided smart solutions for the Ground Mechanic handling at airports for more than 20 years. The team behind these products and solutions now launch an exciting new platform of Wireless Solutions (WS) Ground Mechanic headsets for push back operations.
The WS Ground Mechanic solutions carry a new Bluetooth chip that provides the headsets and adapters with several improved features, such as;
·         Faster PTT response
·         Digital noise reduction
·         Advanced VOX
·         Longer distance
A new feature is the built in “ghost voice” ; not only does it assist you in navigating the menu, it also notifies the pilot whenever the ground crew connect the WS adapter to the aircraft, as well as notifying you if you get out of range. Also, the volume to the cockpit can now be adjusted via the headset itself.
In addition to the above features, one of the versions of the headset – WS ProTac XP – provides active hearing.
-“Safety is top priority for us when developing new products. With the WS ProTac XP you can hear warning signals and communicate with your colleagues, you are not isolated from the surrounding environment. This is very important for your personal safety”, says Fredrik Johansson, Product Manager at 3M Peltor Communication in Värnamo, Sweden. Furthermore, with the external jacket, it is also possible to connect to a 2-way communication radio, which allows you to communicate with colleagues working at other areas in the airport. And on top of all this, the new WS Ground Mechanic has a lower power consumption than previous generations!
Peltor is a brand of 3M Company, founded in 1902 in USA. With $30 billion in sales 3M employs   84 000 people worldwide and has operations in more than 65 countries.
For more information please contact Fredrik Johansson, Product Manager at Peltor Communication,, phone +46 370 656595, or call Customer service at your local 3M office.

File Description Size Updated
WS Adapter, Ground Mechanic 647 kb 2012-10-11
WS Headset XP, Ground Mechanic 973 kb 2012-10-11
WS ProTac XP, Ground Mec 1†045 kb 2012-10-11


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