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3M™ Peltor™ launches communication radio with telephone, music and news
3M Peltor LiteCom headsets with convenient hands free operation of built in communication radio is well known by professionals.
The new Peltor WS LiteCom headset from 3M takes wireless communication one step further by adding a Bluetooth link to the communication radio. Now you can handle your mobile phone directly in the radio headset while continuously watching your communication radio channel at the same time. With the additional facility for streaming audio you can also choose to listen to your favorite music, stored in your phone, or listen to the latest news from the Internet, still being in touch on the com radio.  
The 446 MHz PMR radio is built in to an efficient hearing protector, which has stereo microphones for picking up the surrounding sound. Level dependent amplification of the incoming sound limits high impulse noise to maximum 82 dB inside the cups, allowing a full day’s work without jeopardizing your hearing. You can talk to people nearby, also in noisy environment, without lifting the cup of the hearing protector. You can hear warning signals and other important sounds around you. In fact, you can hear weak sounds even better than without the hearing protector.
The working range of the communication radio is up to approximately 3 km outdoors in line of sight. At longer distances it may now be possible to communicate wirelessly via your mobile phone, connected with Bluetooth instead of a connection cable.
The Bluetooth streaming audio function (A2DP) also facilitates listening to music in stereo and with an Internet subscription for your mobile phone the whole world is available in your headset, at the same time as you monitor your communication radio.
The WS LiteCom supplements the Peltor Wireless Solutions range of products.
For more information please contact Lars Lindgren, product manager at 3M Svenska AB,, phone +46 370 694200, or call customer service at your local 3M office.


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