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3Mô Peltorô WS5

15th January 2011

3MTM launches noise cancelling stereo Bluetooth® headset – PeltorTM WS5
Silence has become a valuable commodity in the urban world. Noise on public transport and city streets has reached record levels. This has created a strong desire to cancel out the noise pollution of daily life.
With the new Peltor WS5 headset, users can easily control what they hear – and don’t hear. They can listen wirelessly to podcasts or their favourite music in a full bodied and dynamic sound without missing mobile phone calls.
“Thanks to our noise cancelling cups and microphone you can talk on the phone or listen to music even in noisy environments. If a call comes in, the music switches off , and when you end the call, the music carries on automatically from where it left off.” says Daniel Vickman, Product Manager at Peltor 3M.
The headset attenuates 26 decibels and has surround microphones that captures external sound. The sound is analysed at ultra-high speed before it reaches your ear. Weak sounds can be amplified while noise, including sudden loud noises, is filtered out.
“With Peltor WS5 you can easily tailor your audio profile with different volumes for surround sound, mobile phone calls and music, while also effectively protecting your hearing,” Vickman explains.
For further information, please contact:
Daniel Vickman, Product Manager
+46 (0)370-69 42 21
The Bluetooth® wordmark and logotype are the property of Bluetooth SIG, Inc., and all use of them is subject to licensing agreements.


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File Description Size Updated
MT16H21FWS5E-581CR Action1 2†027 kb 2011-02-17
MT16H21FWS5E-581CR Action3 2†776 kb 2011-02-17
MT16H21FWS5E-581CR Action5 2†011 kb 2011-02-17
MT16H21FWS5E-581CR Action4 2†196 kb 2011-02-17
MT16H21FWS5E-581CR Action6 2†231 kb 2011-02-17
MT16H21FWS5E-581CR High-resolution_WS5 237 kb 2011-02-17
MT16H21FWS5E-581CR Action7 1†476 kb 2011-02-17
MT16H21FWS5E-581CR Action2 3†328 kb 2011-02-17


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