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FAQ - 3M™ Peltor™ Alert™ Flex Headset

Q:  Do I need to change the ear cushions and the foam when they becomes dirty?

A:  We recommend you to change them every six months if you use your hearing protectors on a daily basis. A new hygiene kit refreshes your hearing protectors and makes them like new.

Q:  I have to wear glasses together with hearing protectors. How does that affect the attenuation?

A:  One thing is sure: glasses affect the attenuation level! Try to wear a pair of glasses with thin arms that fit close to the head. Also make sure the ear cushions on the hearing protectors are soft and you will keep the noise leakage on a low level.

Q:  What does the CE-mark on the shell tell me about your hearing protectors?

A:  It tells you that Peltor as a manufacturer has had the hearing protectors tested at an independent testing institute in accordance with the CE standards (EN 352-1 for ordinary hearing protectors and EN352-3 for hearing protectors attached to helmets). The CE standards tell us as a manufacturer to provide a certain level of information - for example, full information about attenuation including H, M and L values (attenuation at High, Medium and Low frequencies) and also SNR (Single Noise Ratio).

Q:  Which hearing protector is the best?

A:  You can’t say that one hearing protector is better than another just because it has a higher SNR value. The best hearing protection is one comfortable enough to make you wear it a full working day and not overprotecting you, which will make you feel isolated.








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